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A lot of professionals run into the same challenges while they are building their career in the IT or Tech industry. The IT is still more a “men’s world” than a “woman’s world” and because of that it can be challenging to claim your spot in a team, set your boundaries and truly be yourself.

A lot or organizations would love to have more women in their teams, but the fact is that attracting female talent is just the first step. It’s even more important that they feel welcome, empowered and valued in the team and that they are able to perform at their best and make an impact.

If this doesn’t happen there is a big change that they will leave the organization because they are not happy or don’t feel that they fit in.

Why is empowerment so important?

Because of the high pressure it can be challenging for women to find the right balance and they most likely have the feeling that they are always short on time. It can also be difficult to keep all the balls in the air without freaking out or getting stressed. Having clear priorities are essential to make the right choices and to be able to add the right focus.

It can also be challenging to express your opinion or to speak up at meetings or during discussions. The fear of failure, making mistakes or asking the wrong or stupid questions can be hard. Or there are dominant people in the team which make it extra hard to speak up or participate in conversations. People need to be able to stand firm and stay close to themselves in order to work and life from their passion and personal power. This can be extremely valuable for organizations.

She in IT empowers women in your team or organization to develop more confidence, more freedom, more focus and more balance!

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What are the results?

During my in-company empowerment program I learn all the participants how to:

  • Work smarter and not harder to be able reduce stress and to be way more efficient with your time
  • Create an optimal balance to make sure they eliminate the feeling that they are running short on the different elements in life
  • Build a plan with motivating goals to enable them to set the right priorities
  • Have more structure and focus in their work which enables them to handle high pressure and demanding peers
  • Claim their spot in the team with confidence and to not be afraid to share their input and give their opinion
  • Stand firm and be able to stand up for themselves with confidence
  • Build their network and how to position themselves with success
  • Make sure they are visible and are valued for what they are worth and the difference they make
  • This and many more!


What’s in it for the organization? Team members who feel good about themselves, are happy with their role and contribution and are able to work more efficient. Who have the focus and structure to get things done and can set the right priorities. Who work with passion and enthusiasm and bring a lot of value for your customers, partners and the organization! Who are happy where they are and feel empowered by your organization and want to stay part of that team!

The modules

Module 1: Your personal power

Complete insight into who you really are, what you stand for and how you can stay close to yourself. How you can consistently work on your image and branding, both internally and externally.

Module 2: Be strong and don’t let them get to you!

Everything you need to successfully stand your ground and speak up for yourself. This module includes topics like: negotiating, setting boundaries, learning to deal with criticism, standing up for yourself, letting go of your feeling of overcompensation, etc.

Module 3: The bigger picture

How you can shape your ambition and aim high. Dare to dream! You will make a plan with clear objectives and actions. In addition, you will be able to determine the right focus so that you can actually achieve your goals on the short and on the long term.

Module 4: Don’t work harder, work smarter

How you create a higher productivity so that you can work more efficiently, apply more structure and exceed expectations. This module includes topics like: time management, energy and health, setting priorities, work-life balance, etc.

Module 5: The right mindset and focus for lasting succes

Which tools can you use to ensure that you have the right mindset and focus to not only be successful in the short term, but to be able to maintain it consistently and be successful permanently!

Module 6: Master your skills

Shaping your personal development, creating a development plan and determining which skills are relevant to you in the short and long term.


What's included?

Empowerment masterclass

Let's get started!

Is your team ready for more confidence, more freedom, laser focus and a winning mindset? Then this empowerment program is perfect for you!

After this program each participant will have a high-performing mindset and focus, all the tools to boost productivity, clear objectives and a concrete action plan and all the best practices needed to excel and go next level!

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