Female empowerment masterclasses | Company coaching

For companies

As a successful entrepreneur I have also put together an offering for companies and I offer a number of services.

Including company coaching for attracting and retaining female talent and an in-company Female Empowerment masterclass.

I also help start-ups and scale-ups with 1-on-1 coaching.

Attract and retain female talent

Many IT/Tech companies are still more of a ‘men’s world’ than a ‘women’s world’. Companies need women for their skills, greater balance and building high-performing teams.

I have developed a company coaching offer especially for organizations and management teams that want to attract, retain and develop more female talent.

During a number of interactive workshops and 1-on-1 coaching, we will work on the following main topics

During the workshops and coaching we will discuss a variety of subtopics like: Female empowerment, role models, culture, hiring process, company flexibility, coaching and enablement, communication, etc.

In-company masterclass

Building your career in a man’s world can be quite challenging and enabling women to develop their career, personal strengths and stand up for themselves is very important.

Without this empowerment, there is a good chance that women will not be able to perform at their maximum and even leave the company because they are unhappy or feel out of place.

This is why I have developed a female empowerment program (the She in IT masterclass) that can be followed as a team/organization or individually.

Coaching for entrepreneurs

Are you one of those power women who runs an organization?

Are you building your organization or taking the step to the next phase? And are you looking for someone who asks you the right questions and challenges you to achieve top performances? Or someone who holds up a mirror to you, asks critical questions and gives you the push you need?

As an experienced entrepreneur and business coach, I am your sounding board to discuss opportunities and challenges that arise and I help you take your organization to the next level!

Topics I can help you with include: the right business plan and strategy (including revenue model, ideal customer, proposition, value selling, KPIs, objectives/targets, etc.), boosting your business, revenue and productivity, leadership and people management, team building, acquisitions or mergers, work-life balance and focus, structure and mindset