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“There can be no space between what you want to happen and what you are willing to do to make it happen”

Wanting more diversity in your organization is great, but how do you put this into practice? What does diversity really mean and what impact could this have on your organization?

How do you build a vision and strategy around diversity that is widely supported so that it can become really successful within your organization?

Diversity should be more than a quota and should be widely supported in an organization to enable change and growth. But how do you actually make this work? 

And how do you ensure that you not only bring in new talent, but also keep them on board? And empower them to get the most out of themselves and to use their full potential?

She in IT | Diversity | Women in IT and Tech | High-performance teams


The workshops take about 2 to 4 hours and are very practical. In addition to theory, they consist of concrete exercises, tools and templates for the participants that they can use not only now, but also in the future.

She in IT | Diversity | High-performing teams


3 to 6 months specific program consisting of group sessions, concrete exercises and 1-on-1 coaching. Including all tools and templates to let your team members get the most out of themselves.

She in IT | Diversity | Women in IT and Tech | High-performance teams | Empowerment

Brainstorm sessions

Short sessions to brainstorm about specific challenges and opportunities within your organization.

What to expect?

During the workshops and program we will cover topics like:

  • What exactly is diversity?
  • The impact of diversity on the performance of your teams
  • Changing traditional thinking and working patterns How do you break trough biases? 
  • Where are you now and what clear and actionable steps can you take in building your high performing team (clear objectives and a roadmap)
  • Attracting new talent
  • Empowering your team and building the right culture
  • Retaining the talent in your team

Let's get started!

“Don’t postpone today what will enable your growth tomorrow!”

Is your team ready for the next step?

The program and workshops are very pragmatic and we will be putting theory into practice straight-away. The participants will get on point exercises, tools and templates which they can use now and in the future.

Are you curious about the possibilities and what I can do for your organization?

Or do you want a custom program or workshop based on your specific requirements?

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