"Life is not about finding yourself it’s about creating yourself, writing your own story and owning your future!"


You can also work with me as a speaker for sessions where I share my knowledge, experiences and best practices with great passion and enthusiasm!

It is also possible to discuss options for jointly working on campaigns or other action-oriented activities.

Where do I often speak? Inspiration sessions, as a keynote speaker, for workshops, panel discussions and as chairman of the day.

What do I often speak about? Entrepreneurship, IT and Tech, Diversity and inclusion, female empowerment, leadership and top sport in combination with business!

In addition to speaking about the above topics, I also like to share my keynote on stage about entrepreneurship, making tough choices and high performance. About how I built my business, sold successfully after 10 years at 27, built my financial independence, became world karate champion 3 times, built a corporate career and then left it behind to build my dream life!



All masterclasses have a very practical approach and include clear and on-point exercises, tools and templates for the participants. These can not only be used now, but also provide guidance and a framework for the future.

The masterclasses take approximately 1,5 to 2 hours and are given on location or on-line. The exact content is always mutually agreed in advance so that it fully meets your wishes and we are able to achieve maximum results.

You can choose from the following themes:

  • Female empowerment
  • Building outstanding teams based on diversity
  • Attracting and maintaining female talent
  • Personal leadership
  • Working smarter with more structure
  • Powerful positioning and personal branding
  • Targeted working with a rock-solid and feasible action plan
  • Building a powerful mindset
  • Breaking biases

Of course it is also possible to create a custom masterclass based on your wishes.


A program is completely customized and usually lasts three months. It is a combination of a number of themes as mentioned above and fully aligned to ensure that we can support your participants as much as possible.

My programs often consists of a number of group master classes and 1-on-1 coaching for the participants. The programs are also interactive by design so that everything we discuss can be applied directly in practice.

This is the only way you can truly achieve long-term change!

She in IT | Diversity | Women in IT and Tech | High-performance teams | Empowerment

How does it work?

Schedule your introduction meeting

We will schedule an introduction meeting and will discuss your need, challenges and requirements. Based on these I can explain how I can help you in the best possible way.


After our call you will receive my proposal. After you say yes we will align the planning and get started!

Time for action!

During the session(s) I will make sure that the participants will get inspired and will be brought into action. They will get all the tools and support to successfully put theory into practice and to be able to maintain this on the long term!