Hey, I'm Hendrika!

Thanks to my ambition, discipline, and endless perseverance, I managed to combine my passions for coaching and IT. My hardworking sports- and business career have ensured that I know what it takes to perform outstanding and achieve the highest results. 

That has not always been easy, but with the right choices, focus, structure, and mindset, you can achieve top performance! I don’t only believe this, but I have also experienced that this really works!

Learning the hard way

At a young age I had a huge interest in IT and entrepreneurship. I was one of the few girls who followed an IT education and when I was eighteen, I joined my brother’s company: eXpertise-IT. We quickly grew into a serious company with large customers. Until six years later my life took a drastic turn and my brother suddenly passed away. My private life was completely turned upside down, and I also faced difficult challenges in my career path. I learned the hard way how to run a business. With the necessary ups and downs, I have been a successful female entrepreneur for four years between all the “male violence” in the IT industry.

Stuck in the middle

At some point, it was time for a new challenge, one which would give me more freedom. In search of that freedom and with the desire to do something new, I sold eXpertise-IT to one of the largest IT service providers in the Netherlands. In the years that followed, I was the only female director on George Banken’s executive team. The dynamics of an investment organization and the developments that Detron went through have been incredibly educational. Yet, after three years it was time for me to take the next step.

She in IT

During my corporate adventure, I always had the feeling that I wanted to start something. The desire to contribute, make a difference, and, help others in their career path. That feeling never let go of me. And so, I decided it was time to do what I loved. I combined my passion for IT, my love for coaching karate teams, and my work experience with all the fantastic women in the IT industry, and She in IT was born!

As the founder of She in IT, I now use my learning moments, knowledge, and experience to empower and help others. With my keynotes, the book (Kick-Ass), and free content I share my story to help you to achieve your full potential and to build your dream life!