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Hey, I'm Hendrika!

I help ambitious women to successfully build their careers without going crazy!

By sharing proven techniques through coaching, training and my free content, I help you to grow from insecure and restless to a kick-ass power woman!

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  • More confidence
  • More structure
  • More balance and less stress
  • More freedom


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Do you sometimes doubt yourself? Does that hold you back to go for what really makes you happy?

You regularly feel that insecurity and that prevents you from doing what you really like and what you are really good at….

You want to get rid of this, be confident and strong but you don’t know exactly how….

Or how to ensure that you can sustain this in the long term….

You can feel in everything that you want more and are able to do more. That you are not yet getting the most out of yourself and that there is untapped potential in you. This makes you insecure and restless….

You are ambitious and you want that dream career and a nice personal life, but how?

I understand how challenging it can be, but everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, to be successful and have a great personal life! You do too!

This is what I can do for you!

Kick-Ass | Hendrika Willemse-Vreugdenhil

The book: Kick-Ass (NL)

The ultimate handbook for ambitious women! This is currently only available in Dutch. You can buy your copy via the link below or at Bruna, Bookspot, Scheltema, Paagman or De Vries van Stockum!

She in IT | Diversity | Women in IT and Tech | High-performance teams | Empowerment

Performance babes program

My 3 month program enables you to build your dream career and get the most out of yourself. You will receive all the tools and tips needed to not only be successful in the short term, but also the knowledge on how to exactly sustain this in the future! With the sessions and on point exercises I will learn you exactly which steps you need to take so that you can grow into the next level with full focus and self-confidence!

She in IT | Diversity | Women in IT and Tech | High-performance teams | Empowerment

Computrain Training (NL)

During this training we will dive into personal development and leadership. From mindset to productivity and vitality. All aspects that contribute to your personal strength. You will learn how to position yourself successfully and how to grow within leadership. After this training you will have all the practical tools and techniques that you can immediately apply in practice. You will also receive all the tips not only to be successful in the short term, but also in the long term and to be able to continue to grow.

Kick-ass Power mails

Your regular dose of inspiration, tips and tricks! Open, honest and direct is what you can expect in my power mails. Register now if you’re ready for some real action!

I understand how challenging it can be...

but I know it is possible if you really want and if you are willing to consistently take action. That’s why I’ve already helped dozens of women to go from insecure and restless to a confident power woman!

“I have experienced my 1-on-1 conversations with Hendrika as very pleasant. Her attitude and communication reflect peace and confidence, so that you quickly feel at ease and the conversations can quickly go in depth. She is very creative in giving advice and tips, so you can get started with it enthusiastically. I was able to learn a lot from her and will certainly ask her to discuss challenges and career steps more often in the future.”

“There was a lot of room for own input and sharing experiences, which I really appreciate. The sessions have given me concrete tools to get the best out of myself, both personally and professionally. The tips and tricks you learn are not only temporarily useful, you can take them with you through life and make them completely your own. Hendrika helps you learn what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how to bet on them. This makes you unique and gives you just that edge if you know how to use it properly, and this is what you learn. I feel more aware, self-assured and more motivated after our coaching sessions and I am convinced that this will help me achieve my goals!”

This is me!

I am a high-performance coach, entrepreneur, top athlete and woman in IT – She in IT!

I have over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, being a woman in IT, having management positions and in different types of organizations. I also have proven experience and a solid track record.

I practice what I teach and I know what it takes!

Pragmatic, no-nonsense, goal- and result-oriented and with a lot of passion and enthusiasm is how I work.

I empower my clients by challenging them, sharing proven techniques, asking the right questions and providing all the tools to successfully lift yourself and your company to the next level. I use a proven blueprint and clear action plan to bring you to the next level. In short, you get everything you need to be successful and make lasting change!

Are you looking for someone who can help your business or your team to the next level, who has enormous experience and who can achieve the greatest possible (and above all lasting) results in the shortest possible time?

She in IT | Diversity | Women in IT and Tech | High-performance teams | Empowerment

Nu beschikbaar!

Wil jij het maximale uit jezelf en uit je carrière halen? Bestel dan nu direct jouw exemplaar van Kick-Ass (Het ultieme handboek voor ambitieuze vrouwen) via de onderstaande link of bij onder andere Bruna, Bookspot, Scheltema of De Vries van Stockum!