Inspiration session @ Amsterdam

Last month I was asked to give an inspiration session for 45 young girls and it was really great! The session was about women in IT/Tech, entrepreneurship, tips and tricks to build your career and about daring to dream and to follow your passion.

How do you make the right choices and what are the options? There are so many opportunities and roles that are great and the possibilities in IT/Tech are endless! Technical roles and less technical roles. Ultimately, it’s about choosing something that suits you and that makes you excited!

I always get so happy about these kinds of sessions. The great direct questions, the genuine interest, the enthusiasm and the openness of the girls was really nice to see. Questions that we often no longer dare to ask ourselves because we are afraid to ask an uncomfortable question. I love it! If you want to know things, you have to ask! I am grateful that in this way I can contribute to their ambition and their enthusiasm to follow their passion. I always sincerely hope that I can show some of these girls that anything is possible and that it is possible for them too. Dare to dream and don’t be held back by the opinion of others or because you may think you can’t do something…. You are so much stronger than you think! I wasn’t very good at school, but against all odds, I ended up more than fine. Because I dared to dream and felt that anything is possible!

Do you want to know what the possibilities are to organize an inspiration session for your team or your organization? And do you want to know what I can do for you? Please contact me directly here!

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