More women in IT!

Many companies want more women in IT

Around me I see more and more developments and initiatives coming from companies to get more women into IT. All these initiatives are really great, but how do you, as a company, make this ambition a reality? That can be quite challenging….

One of the biggest challenges is often the culture within organizations. How do you ensure that women feel at home within the organization? Which standards and values characterize a team? Is there an open and transparent communication?

These are all aspects to seriously consider to ensure that women who enter a team / organization actually want to stay. Feeling at home in a team is essential to get the most out of yourself and to achieve good results.

Balance is key

Balance in teams is key to be able to create high-performing teams, but hiring women to reach your diversity quota is certainly not enough.

My advice to organizations is to work on at least the following topics to enable the women to be successful and to boost your team to high-performance.

  • Create the right culture, with solid standards and values, open communication, a constructive mindset and in which change is seen as an opportunity.
  • Use role models (internal or external).
  • Give each new employee a buddy who is actually accountable.
  • Provide the right guidance, coaching and/or mentoring (internal or external).
  • Enable your new employees with opportunities to expand their knowledge. Not only job-related, but also for personal development.
  • Empower women in your team so they are prepared and can stand up for themselves when they encounter challenging situations!

Are you ready to get started and empower the women in your team/organization to get the most out of themselves? Then I’m more than happy to create an action plan with you!

Let’s start building success together!

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