Podcast In de aap gelogeerd

In de aap gelogeerd

Last week I was invited to join the “In de aap gelogeerd” podcast with Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman and Johan van Amersfoort.

We spoke about diversity with teams and organizations and about empowerment. Building divers teams is just the first step, often it’s much more important to enable people to be happy and to perform at their best.

Do you want to know what my biggest “in de aap gelogeerd” moment was?

Or do you want to know my vision on diversity and empowerment?

Besides that I’m also sharing how I build my career with success and everything around the challenges I had to tackle.

Listen or view the podcast here:

Spotify: spoti.fi/3kYd2yd
Apple: apple.co/3HKsDeP
YouTube: youtu.be/Ehk5Sf-Fg34

Feel free to send me a message or to contact me here if you want to schedule a introduction meeting with me or if you want to know more about what I do with She in IT.

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