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Hendrika Vreugdenhil start She in IT – Interview Dutch IT Channel

Hendrika Vreugdenhil leaves enterprise cloud specialist Nutanix to start her own business again. “Over the past few years I’ve been thinking a lot and decided that I’m going to follow my passion and use all my experience to focus on empowering entrepreneurs and women in IT and Tech. I will offer services like personal coaching, business coaching and masterclasses etc.

My company will be called She in IT.” Vreugdenhil continues: “A few weeks ago I decided to leave Nutanix after more than 4.5 years to follow a great passion and ambition that I have had for a long time. After 10 years with major US companies, it’s time for me to get back into entrepreneurship and today is the launch of She in IT was founded to empower women in IT to fulfill their dreams, stand strong, maximizing their skills and career and getting the best out of themselves!”

Why specifically women in IT? “IT is still a mostly male-dominated market and as a woman it can be quite challenging to build a career in IT. That has been my experience in any case over the past 20 years, while there are plenty of opportunities for women and it can also be very fun and exciting to be in IT,” says Vreugdenhil.

Through a versatile IT career of more than 20 years, selling eXpertise-IT, coaching international karate teams and my own international track record, I have developed a large set of best practices that I will use with She in IT so that women and young girls can stand their ground in IT and excel in what they do!”

Do you want to know what I can offer you as a result of my interview with Dutch IT Channel? Or would you like to meet without any obligation? Then contact me now!

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