5 tips and tricks to create an effective and challenging plan!

Make your plan | Tips for women in IT and Tech | She in IT

When VHTO asked me what my number one career tip was, this was the first one that came to mind. “If you don’t have or make your own plan, you are always part of someone else’s plan!”. That may sound a bit heavy, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Just think of a situation […]

Take back control of your day!

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Control your calendar… Sometimes it seems like the days fly by and you don’t really get much done. You start with a fully loaded to-do list and a lot of motivation to get started today, but you get swamped by phone calls very fast. Or an inbox that fills up. An emergency meeting that comes […]

You don’t get what you’re worth, but you get what you negotiate!

Do you know how much your worth is?

How much am I worth? The reality is often that you don’t get what you’re worth, you get what you negotiate! This is exactly why I think it is so important that women and young girls know what they are worth and are not afraid to ask for it! If you don’t know what you’re […]

What would I say to my 20-year-old self?

Young entrepreneurship and building your business

Young entrepreneurship A few weeks ago I was in a masterclass and the question was asked what I would say to the younger version of myself? Well, that question made me think for a moment (and maybe longer….), I can tell you … I tried to imagine where I was when I was 20 and […]

What doesn’t kill you….. Makes you stronger!

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

Makes you stronger!…. I can hear you think… That’s easy to say… But it’s not that easy at all… Maybe it is for you, but not for me.. And that’s right! It is often easier said than done, that is simply the reality. That does not change the fact that everything we experience and endure […]

More women in IT!

Empowerment masterclass

Many companies want more women in IT Around me I see more and more developments and initiatives coming from companies to get more women into IT. All these initiatives are really great, but how do you, as a company, make this ambition a reality? That can be quite challenging…. One of the biggest challenges is […]

Why She in IT?

She in IT | Diversity | Women in IT and Tech | High-performance teams | Empowerment

Why did you start She in IT? Why specifically women in IT? Are they really that different from men? What is a successful woman in IT for you? Currently I’m getting swamped with questions and I can tell you that they make me think. By the way, this is also very nice, because people are […]

Are you sure about that?

Women in IT | Boost your business

I’m going to build my own business again! Are you sure about that? Is this a sensible thing to do in this difficult time? Do you have to do this? All well-meant comments (I assume for the sake of convenience) from people around me or those I speak in a businesslike manner. By the way, […]